What is the value of advice?

What is the value of an advisor relationship/financial coach?

What is the right price to pay for these services?

All great athletes have a coach. Almost all successful people will tell you they had coaches, mentors, teachers, and people that helped them achieve more than they could have on their own. This perspective helps shape the value of a good advisor

I believe you will appreciate our partnership and perceive tremendous value by experiencing some, or all, of the following: 

  • Lower your overall investing costs
  • Save on taxes and implement tax saving strategies
  • Help with investment selection and retirement planning decisions
  • Behavioral and emotional coaching (“fear vs greed” implications)
  • Work towards reducing stress, anxiety, and worry with money
  • Work towards peace of mind, security, and financial freedom. 
  • Organization
  • Accountability
  • Objectivity
  • Proactivity
  • Education
  • Partnership

Transparent, Simple, and Clear Pricing

My business model is a fee-for-service / subscription model under the fiduciary standard. I work for you, not a financial firm. There are no conflicts of interest or “behind the scenes” payments that could make you question my loyalty and interests. I am truly on the same side of the table as you.


Choose Your Plan

I offer 2 pricing packages based on your needs, your desired engagement, and what scope you want most out of our relationship.


$208 / month


$208.33 / month planning and subscription charge for ongoing relationship. Flat rate and all inclusive. That's a flat rate of $2500/year.

If comparing this to traditional industry quoting,  my flat rate represents:

$250,000 Assets    = 1%
$500,000 Assets          = 0.50%
$1,000,000 Assets       = 0.25%
$2,000,000 Assets        = 0.125%
$5,000,000 Assets      = 0.05%

This is made possible by technology, low overhead, and efficiency. 

  • Investment Advice, Financial Planning, and Wealth Mgt. 
  • eMoney Advisor - Your own personal financial website 
  • Best option for clients with more than $200,000 of assets.
  • Regular reporting and monitoring throughout the year. 
  • Always on call - you can engage me at anytime by phone, email, virtual web-conference, or in-person appointments.
  • Payments made monthly or quarterly over the year(s). 
  • "Relationship based" in nature. This value grows over time. 


$500 / review


$500 / project or “as needed” for only specific topics.

  • Very affordable for clients under $200,000 of assets or clients with limited needs or resources.
  • Typically one or two full planning appointments and written plan for you to execute on with actionable steps and guidance.  
  • No ongoing monitoring or updates - "call as needed"
  • "Transaction based" in nature

Optional Hourly Rate: I do offer an hourly rate of $200/hr for those that prefer this option or don't require all that is included in the $500 package price.

“Price is what you pay, value is what you get.”

Warren Buffett

The Current Marketplace

Just about anyone can call themselves an "advisor." It is estimated that 90% of people calling themselves "advisors" are brokers. This means they represent financial firms and are mandated to sell their products with a lower "suitability standard" of care. This can have conflicts of interest that the customers best interest is not being served. There are a myriad of pricing schemes in the marketplace and they are too numerous to list here. Please compare my pricing vs any competitor and contact me and I will look at your specific situation. In most cases I can lower your current costs by 50%-90%. I don’t sell loaded mutual funds or charge commissions and since I don't sell products I have no incentive to push one investment over another. This is a major difference vs my competitors and I hope you see why this can directly benefit you. 

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